Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Day!

Any time I attend a wedding, whether it is someone I barely know, or someone I know well I always get a lump in my throat. Each wedding reminds me of my own wedding. And so it was at my nephew Adam’s wedding on Friday evening. There were so many memorable things about the event. Kat was beautiful! Barb did an amazing job on the food. By far the most poignant moments of the evening(besides the “I do’s” that is) had to do with Ben(the older brother and best man), who is deployed with the Navy in Afghanistan. One of the bridesmaids brought a framed picture of Ben(in Navy blues) draped with signage that read “On Loan to the Navy.” down the aisle and placed it on a easel. Then the pastor prayed specifically for Ben…and to top off the evening in true God fashion…the Bride and Groom sped away in their getaway vehicle only to realize that Adam had forgotten his wallet at the hall. They came back to get it and about 2 minutes after they arrived back at the hall Ben called to send his best wishes. Tears around! Thank you God for your perfect timing!!! Hannah even got a “family picture” while Ben was on the phone.

Another special moment for me was when all four of my sisters, my Mom and I posed for a picture together. All very different, sometimes complicated relationships, yet true love was evident as we held each other in a group hug afterward. I am so very blessed to call them mine! I love you all very much! J.

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