Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Digger

It disappoints me when I experience the sting of a person who I will affectionately call a “digger.” This is the type of person who always seems to feel they need to get in their little dig or put a person in their place. They do it with a smile and a laugh…but it’s not funny. They seemingly do this simply to make the other person realize how stupid or wrong they were/are, and bottom line to make them feel small.

I have a “digger” in my inner circle and have been jabbed by their digs again and again. It hurts. It’s fine, from time to time, to make your point, but is it necessary at every turn? Sometimes it’s best to just let something go. Sometimes a person’s feelings should matter, and come first. Kindness should trump making your point. Maybe I’m just too sensitive…or maybe they are too insensitive. Whichever it is, it leaves me with a lump in my throat and licking my wounds. J.

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