Monday, May 17, 2010

4 Blissful Days off

4 blissful days off and what did I learn, and accomplish?

What did I learn?

I learned that I need to learn to manage my stress better. My stress level became evident. I realized that I have been gritting my teeth…so much so that my jaw hurts. There is this feeling that swirls in my abdomen it’s one of the many ways I hold my tension. It feels more like an electric wave pulsing up and down. Yep! I’ve got to learn how to deal with my stress more efficiently. Peace that passes all understanding…that’s what I need. Peace.

Also learned…Orange is a warm beautiful color! I love it on my wall. I coerced my husband into letting me paint and though I still have to finish the job I am in love already!

In addition I was reminded again that there are friends and then there are FRIENDS! These are the kind of friends that over the years we’ve laughed hard, sat comfortably in silence, talked for hours, knitted, painted, hiked, debated, laughed some more, cried, and mostly loved and cherished! The love is so real that it’s worth driving hours for a day together, it’s so valuable that it hurts if there is any misunderstanding, and everyone agrees it must be resolved. This kind of friendship makes you funnier, smarter, realer…just the best possible version of yourself. Truly precious!

What did I accomplish?

I finished the back of the sweater…only to find that it recoils up making it too short and I have to start all over again…the 5th time’s a charm?!? We’ll see. I’m still determined to do it and be happy with it.

I knitted 2 washcloths, painted half of the living room and dining room…it’s wonderful, had coffee with my parents twice, got them set up at their new bank, got my hair cut and conditioned, enjoyed friends and family, and most of all, most importantly I reconnected with my creative side, my goals, and my Father.

It’s funny to think of, but I actually felt like Picasso…yes I was painting in only two colors, but I had the sensation of creative juices, the satisfaction of stepping back and admiring my handiwork. Knowing what you want and making it happen are two different things. I’m determined to connect the dots. Time alone painting was the perfect time to talk things out with God. It was definitely the most important thing I did all weekend. There were “cares” I needed to “cast on Him.” Wrestlings that needed to take place, thoughts that needed to be hashed out, petitions made.

All in all this four days was indeed just what the dr. ordered. I needed the time to think, to relax, to emote, to create, to be. It was good. J.

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