Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brutal Honesty

I am so furious I am shaking! I need you Lord!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crazy Love

Tonight I went to Target to purchase a baby shower gift for my cousin's daughter's baby shower, which is tomorrow.  She's having a boy.  To say this opened Pandora's box would not go quite far enough...you know they had little girl clothes there as well..  I know!  Who knew?!?  They had a huge clearance section, and everything was SO cute.  Hannah had to finally say "Ok Mom I'm cutting you off...that's enough!  We are leaving!"  :)  Such fun!  Can't wait!  I love her already!  J.

Her Son

Me:  "This is Jeanne how may I help you?"
Him in a dry serious tone:  "I'm calling about account # $$$$$ there is a credit.  She is deceased...that means dead right?"
Me: "Yes it does."
Him sharply: "It's been a long time coming believe me!"
Me: "Let me confirm the address: xxxxx "
Him: "That's right.  If I had killed her sooner I would've gotten my refund sooner right?"
Me:  pause  "I don't know what to say to that."
Him sarcastically: "I bet you don't.  Thanks!" 


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have taken to staying up WAY past bedtime...I'm not sure why I do it...but it's got to stop.  I still have to get up in the morning.  I just can't quite get myself to let go of the day.  It feels like every moment is just too precious to waste on sleeping.  Ridiculous!  Heading off to bed...at quarter to 12.  I've lost my mind!  :)  J.

On Hold

Currently in my 27th minute of being on hold with DSHS, I decided I would pop in and write a short note.  At least they have good classical hold music. 

Let me first say I have not come down off of the "I finished the sweater" mountain top yet.  I have begun knitting my little Eva a sweater...It's going to be SO cute.  :)  I'm enjoying every single stitch, all the while praying for our sweet little girl.  In fact tears well up just talking about it here.  :)  I can't explain the joy and excited anticipation I feel! 

31 minutes.

Hannah and I(more she than me) put together the cutest invitations for the Baby Shower for Daphne.  I will take a picture of them and post it in a few days.

Speaking of posting pictures.  I have some of the most adorable pictures to post from our church Family Camp.  As well as a couple of others.  Also in a few days.

33 minutes

Our refrigerator has gone on the fritz!  The new one will arrive on Friday.  In the meantime we are living from cooler to cooler.  What a hassle, but such are the things of life.  :)

35 minutes

So I'm calling DSHS to find out how to read their new Remittance Advices - the explanation of what claims they have paid, denied, or adjusted.  Honestly I should have done this sooner...but simultaneous to switching everything around they also had budget cutbacks and they cut the # of days and hours in the day that their help desk was open.  Right after the switch, you simply couldn't get through.  Now it is just a really long wait.  Down to brass tacks...I NEED the information so I must wait on hold for now 37 1/2 minutes. 

Ring!  Yeah! Questions asked, no answer.  She is going to check with the "lead" but she isn't hopeful that she will be able to get the answer for me.  46 minutes and back on hold.  Bottom line:  She said that it is going to be 12 to 15 months until I can get the information I need in a clear and easy way.  sigh!  Until then I must go through the 1060 page document(weekly) to find the claims that have sales tax and pick out this info individually.  Ok...an hour wasted.  Double sigh!  Back to work.  :)  J.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Song of the Day - 09/20/10

The following is the song running through my head this morning(it wouldn't let me embed so you will just have to click on this LINK )

Have a great day everyone!  J.


YES!!! I FINALLY did it!  I finished the dreaded sweater.  You may remember that WAY back in APRIL...yes April, 5 months ago, in this post  I first mentioned the sweater that I was making for my daughter in law.  I spoke then of setting a goal and sticking it through to completion.  In this May post I spoke of tearing out the back for the 5th time.  And here I spoke of just how discouraged I have been over the sweater.  I virtually did not knit on the sweater much to speak of from June to September and then I picked it up again, driven by sheer desire to put it behind me.  I am SO happy to say that today...I finished it.  With tears in my eyes, relief and pride in my heart, in front of family and friends I put the finishing touches on it.  When Daphne put it on and it wasn't terrible, it fit fine enough, and I was done, I danced a jig, I praised God with arms raised, and I kicked my feet up.  Perfect it is not...but it is good enough.  I feel so good to have stuck with it, to struggle through the times of discouragement, to hold myself to finishing it.  What joy!  Thank you God that I finally finished the sweater!  Thank you for the lessons in persistence, self-control, and also for the satisfaction of finishing it!  WHOO HOO!!!  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trip to Vancouver - Labor Day Weekend 2010

Just a few pictures to commemorate the beauty of a relaxing weekend with dear friends:

Waterfall on the Muddy River

Pippen - The Seifert's Kitty

True Confessions

True Confessions:  My name is Jeanne and I have Verbal Dyslexia.  It's true...I know.  *shame* 

Seriously...I have a verbal condition where I take the first letter from the two words and swap them.  For example this morning I meant to say Lunch and Dinner, but I said Dunch and Linner.  It's unbelievable to me how often I do this.  Heter Pisey, Sicken Chandwich, Champoo and Shonditioner etc.

And if not Verbal Dyslexia, just like a very slow computer, my brain gives me the hour glass...I know exactly what I am trying to say but for the life of me I can't draw the word out of my brainal filing cabinets.  So I say stupid things like:  "Oh you know those cars that go bump?!?"  and Hannah says "You mean bumper cars?"  or "You know...what bears do in the winter?!?"  "Hibernate?" "Yes, yes!  Hibernate!"  or "You know what I mean...the chair with wheels?(As I move my hands back and forth in front of me)"  "Wheelchair?"  Menopause, alzheimers, brain lapse, I don't know.  Suffice to say though at times frustrating, it is also a source of much laughter...at my expense.  The ability to laugh at oneself is crucial.  :)  Hope you have a dreat gay!  J. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Under the Boardwalk

Today's Song:


Today has such potential.  There are so many choices ahead of me.  Will I finally put the clean clothes away?  Will I find homes for the plethora of items that were moved out of our spare room, after it lost it's spare status?  Will I use the time wisely, or fritter it away?  I could vacuum...it certainly needs to be done.  The kitchen floor needs a scrubbing, and the laundry needs to be finished.  I need to call my insurance and ask the questions that have needed to be asked for weeks now.  Will I call and talk to my sweet elderly friend?  We need to pack and finish preparations for camping...we leave at noon.  So many things that need to be done, so many options.  The choices are endless.  

All of that will wait...I'm going to climb back into bed next to my best friend, the love of my life.  I'm going to quietly sneak up behind him and snuggle, breathe in his scent, wrap my arm around him, and feel his skin against mine. Taking this moment will set the tone for the rest of the day!  Thank you Lord for this man.  J.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One of THOSE days!

Today is one of THOSE days. You know the kind of day where you spill your make-up on your pants, and your hair is impossible to tame, and you are running late, and there is a fruit fly buzzing around and around your face, and you have a pinched nerve in your neck and have a killer headache for the 3rd day in a row, and you run your stockings, and you wake up with quite possibly the stupidest song in existence running through your mind as if on repeat over and over, and you forget the address on the table at home, and you realize that you forgot to pay the power bill, and you step barefoot on the plug end of the cord on your hair dryer, and you see a picture of a really fun time had with friends and the only thing you can see is how much weight you have gained, and you don’t listen carefully enough while in a conversation with your boss and you say something totally stupid and out of left field and he looks at you like you come from another planet. Yep, today is one of those days.

As the tears ball up in my throat and threaten to spill I smile and laugh…almost out loud! This is life. This is MY life. God bless the fruit fly, and My Dead Dog Rover, and Thank you for the messy hair on my head, and the nasty nerve in my neck. Thank you for the power bill, and for the hair dryer, and especially for the friends, and the fun time…fat and all. Thank you for every blessed extra pound. Thank you Lord for my job, and my wonderful boss. Thank you Lord for this day…THIS specific day, foibles and all!    I choose to live it as fully as I can.  I welcome it all, even the tears.  J.

The Song in My Head

Sadly, out of nowhere, this morning I woke with the following song in my head.  Why oh why?!?  J.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Weekend - In Brief

I have 5 minutes so here is our weekend in brief:

Beautiful connective time with my precious Husband.
Wonderful time with true friends - friendship that celebrates, laughs, encourages, enjoys, relaxes, cries, eats,  talks, supports, understands, and lasts together! 
Hiking on the treacherous paths and cliffs Lava Canyon at Mt. St. Helens.
Knitting on the "labor of love" sweater(more about this in another post.)
5 mile walk in the woods.
Eating delicious homemade food...and lot's of chocolate.
Playing games, watching YouTube videos, and hanging out.

Bottom Line:  One of those perfect weekends!  Thank You Seiferts!  We love you!

Stay tuned - a more detailed account is coming!  J.