Monday, October 25, 2010

Canoe Trip - 2010

Back in July of 2009 I found that the State has this cabin on Ben Ure Island available for very reasonable rental.  As a surprise for Timothy I booked 4 nights for October 2009.  A:  I then realized that you could only access the island by non-motorized boat.  and B:  I had shoulder surgery in September and couldn't go in October.  Thankfully we were able to reschedule for June 2010.  Sadly that didn't work out either, so exactly a year after our original date we FINALLY went on our canoe trip to Ben Ure! 

While preparing for our trip we had to pack minimally because everything we brought had to fit in our canoe, and then also had to be carried from the shore the 1/4 mile up the narrow, rock and root covered slippery and steep in places, trail to the cabin.  Also there is no potable water on the island as the well has been infiltrated with salt water, so we had to bring our own water.  We planned every meal, limited our clothing, and thought carefully about everything that was going with us.  We loaded the canoe in the driveway to make certain that it would all fit in the canoe.  There was still some niggling concern about the weight, but we felt pretty confident that it would be fine.

Packed and ready to go, we double high fived and excitedly headed out.  Hitting Starbucks on our way out of town, it suddenly struck me that we had...HAD to go back to the house.  We had forgotten something very important, vital in fact.  We were so concerned about the food, clothing, entertainment items, and so on that we forgot the lifejackets, and paddles.  *sheepish grin*  Thanking God that He reminded us of this before we had even gone 2 miles, we headed back to the house grabbed the forgottens and off we headed up North to our destination. 

The weather was gorgeous - warm & sunny!

Timothy had to act in the current Fishnet Theatre performance in Bothell at 6p.m.  We couldn't get into the cabin till 2:30.  Tight, but doable, the plan was for us to go to the cabin, drop off our stuff, canoe back over to the car where Timothy would leave to return later in the evening, and I was going to canoe back to the island and spend a glorious evening alone at the cabin...but I'm getting ahead of myself(watch for a subsequent post about the first night of our trip). 

The canoe over to the island is about 1/3 of a mile, across a fairly busy boat lane. 

This is the view from the island, looking back at the parking lot(can you see our car parked in the lot?):

We weren't exactly sure where we were supposed to land on the island.  The cabin is on the northeast end of the island, but the beach is on the southwest end, and there was a sandy place to land, but no visible way to get up to the trail.  Scratching our heads we followed the shoreline looking for the best place to land.  After much looking, and a little experience with some crazy eddy's and rough water, we finally settled on this as our landing.  It's very rocky, but if you look closely, on the left you can see a steep little sort of "staircase" that leads up to the trail. :

We later discovered that it is far easier to walk across the rocks up the way to a much easier path that leads up to the main trail.  But on the first day we hauled all of our gear up this steep "staircase":

After walking the 1/4 mile trail...we made it to the cabin:

The Cabin: 

We rested, read, watched movies, played cards, relaxed:

I need to confess, somewhat sheepishly, that we brought my new kitty Mattie on vacation with us.  We just got him a few weeks ago, and I am trying to bond with him, and make him understand that I am indeed his Mommy.  We thought it would be best to bring him along.  It may seem silly, ridiculous, or even irresponsible to some...but not so much to us.  He was an adorable, funny, pleasant addition to our time at the island.   

We canoed out to Deception Pass many times, at all times of day - and took lot's of pictures:

We ate like kings!  It's such a blessing to be married to a virtual chef, even while at a cabin in the woods:

I played with reflections(do you see us watching the sunset?):

We marinated in sunrises:

And Sunsets:

We saw Sea Stars:

And Cormorants and Herons:

We saw fighter jets:

And a Shipwreck:

We laughed at the outdoor shower(disclaimer - partial least I gave him a "fig leaf")

But mostly we squeezed the life out of every single moment we had together:

There will be many posts with little anecdotes, and stories, but this was the most blissful, pleasant, thrilling, relaxing, humorous, challenging, amazing, restful vacation we've ever had.  It was as if we were living the life of someone else.  We loved every minute of it!  

Timothy - My Beloved:  There is no one else I would've rather spent 5 solid days with.  Thank you for making me laugh, for being the arms I run into when I'm scared, for loving me even when I rock the boat, for holding my hand, for sitting with me arm in arm on the shoreline in silence, for beating me at cards, and loving when I got my revenge, for understanding and even giggling adorably at my irrational hysterics, for dancing to Michael Buble, for giving me your pillow so I would be more comfortable, for trusting me to canoe by myself, for reliably making a goofy face when posing for an "arm's length" picture, for letting me take nudie pics of you in the shower, for canoeing 8 1/4 miles before sunrise because I wanted to, for "speaking seal", for snuggling up every evening to watch the sunset, and more than all of that - thank you for your love, and for being my lifelong companion!  I love you Baby!  I can't wait for our next adventure together.     J.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Silliness

This series of pictures were taken last Sunday evening.  They are blurry and very poor quality because of all the movement, but they make me smile.  I can't even remember what they were doing or why.  Will someone remind me?  

I love that Joel is supporting Becca's head!  

I feel I should also mention that on the floor, chairs, end table, and window sill you will see hundreds of wads of paper.  I was throwing them at Jon in an effort to get him to smile.  Sadly I was unsuccessful! The next morning when I opened my purse there they were...all of the wads of Kleenex.  I threw my head back and laughed and laughed.  Then later at lunch I realized he had put them in the front pockets of my purse as well.  *smile*  I love that kid!  J.


Following what was quite possibly the worst day at work I may have had since I took this particular job, and 10 minutes late, as a result of everyone's lack of cooperation, I entered Grandma Bea's house for Needle & Craft night to see Esther, and then Daphne, and just at that moment my friend Barb yelled "SURPRISE!  It's a surprise Grandma shower!!!"  I scanned the room in disbelief.  Totally caught unaware, stunned and confused..."Really?!?" I burst into shocked and amazed tears of joy!  There was a cake that said "Grandma Jeanne!" It was one of those slow motion foggy moments where it takes time for things to become clear and for understanding to descend upon you.  Sobs, exclamations, and more sobs.  Overwhelmed doesn't quite cover it.  Moved beyond words, I literally cried for 1/2 an hour.  

The gifts were amazing:  books, diapers, wipes, a sun shade, a hand made sock monkey, baby food bowls, bibs that had sayings on them like "Grandma's girl" or "Grandma let's me," adorable outfits, an apron for Eva to wear as we bake together in a few years, baby booties, adorable outfits etc.  Each gift came with a card that had the most welcoming, precious words.  It was as if I was being initiated into the club...the Grandma club.  

Surrounded by such love, and just means so much to me.  Most of the women in attendance I've known my entire life.  They've watched me grow up, and in turn I've watched them grow older.  They are my friends, my dear sweet friends.  I love them deeply, and am so thankful for having them in my life.  They inspire and encourage me. 


Such joy!  Such friendship! Such love!  Thank you Lord!  J.

Family Camp - September 10-12

Our Church family went to Ft. Ebey on Whidbey Island.  I have never been to such a beautiful campsite!  We were right on the bluff overlooking the water.  We had such a great relaxing weekend!  Check out the pics below:

From our Campsite it seemed as if we were peeking straight into heaven.  The view was breathtaking! 

Taken by Esther

On Saturday we hung out, played cards, laughed, wrestled, ate great food, and enjoyed just being together. 


Sunday after morning worship everyone else quickly packed up and took off.  We decided to stick around and well what do WE do when left to our own devices, with no set schedule??  Have a photo shoot of course!!!  These are the result...taken by Hannah on the tripod using a can see we were having fun!

We packed up and headed to the gun battery where we had a picnic lunch.  What beautiful fun!  
The sweetness of family!

Jon and my new favorite chips - Costco!

The perfect weekend!