Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Years and Counting...

Today is our 25th Anniversary!  It's CRAZY that 25 years have passed.  Take a stroll down memory lane with us...and feel free to laugh at the variety of hair/no hair styles, and weight fluctuations...we have. 

It all started on December 6th 1986:
What we remember most about our wedding day:
J:  Timothy was wearing pink and gray argyle socks...also I remember he jumped over my Princess Diana length train.
T:  Going shopping with Jeanne and coming back to the church for photos with 1/2 hour to spare.  Our Mother's were in a complete panic.

Then came the era of BIG bangs, and BIGGER glasses:
Not to mention the starting of our family...Little Peter.

Peter is hiding a 7 month Hannah bump

And then came Hannah - this is the day she was baptized.

Those aren't high-water's it was a costume party.

BAM!  And there is gray in the beard!

We are Grandparents - Sweet Eva!

25 years later...a whole lot more gray and wrinkles... All of them earned!  Along the way we have collected wonderful family, friends and memories.
We both agree that we love each other more today than ever before.  The future may not be known but we know we look forward to traveling into it together! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Fun New Game

Last night Daphne, Eva and I were chilling in the living room...and let me back up...she has learned to walk this week...she can very adorably, waver her way across the living room now, and Little Miss is quite proud of herself...as are we all.  So...back to last night...we were sitting there and Eva was standing in front of the chair that my Mattie was very nicely laying in.  When all of a sudden Mattie reached right out and bit Eva.  I leapt up and shouted "NO MATTIE!!!"  Well of course the bite, and then the shout startled Eva and she began to sob...and I mean REALLY sob...with big tears and sucking of air and the whole thing.  This Grandma felt terrible!  I scooped her up and tried to console her...I thought she wanted her Mom, but then she wanted me after all.  So I was just loving on her apologizing up one side and down the other.  Poor little thing!  And this is when we discovered the new game.  She LOVES to look at pictures on a cell phone.  So I got mine out and that immediately distracted her. 

My phone has this cool camera setting where you can take the picture the normal way or you can turn the camera toward you so that you can see yourself...this helps with the arm's length pictures.  This was our first attempt:
I had a bit of trouble keeping her from grabbing the phone thus the blur.  And it was dark in the room so the picture quality is bad...But it did interest her.  The rest is what followed. 

Can you see the tears? :(

She began to laugh every single time.

 The more animated I got the more fun it was!
We included Mommy...


Now what was she crying about???  J.