Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's the last day of the month, but I want to take a moment and say:

I love you my Lord and Savior!  Thank you for YOU in my life! J.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog - I haven't forsaken you. I've been very busy with preparations for the upcoming women's retreat, and the ever dreaded month end. The retreat is this weekend, and then month end so by the following weekend I should be able to catch up and post pictures of the church picnic, the retreat, etc. Oh wait...we are going to be out of town visiting dear friends(SO excited!) I will do my best to get something posted in between things...but you must remember that you, dear blog, are supposed to be a record of sorts, of what is going on in our lives...so don't be offended when we are off living our lives. ;)

I love you, dear blog, and when things slow down a bit I will fill your pages with lovely pictures and stories. I will leave you with this:

I'm trying to convince my parents that they each should get a blog, a place to record all the history, the stories, the lessons, and so forth that they have collected over the 80ish years they have lived. I think my Mom is convinced. My Dad probably would enjoy it but I think he is apprehensive about the technology part(a legitimate concern)I'm hoping he will come around though. Stay tuned...I will let you know if they do it.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Verna May Merritt

Verna May Merritt - My Beloved Grandma

Can't help but to think of my Grandma today...what would've been her 107th birthday.  She was a huge presence in my life.  Some of my first memories are night's spent with her at her house.  Dressed in our flannel nighties we shared the same bed.  I lay awake watching her...breathing in her very distinct scent...I loved it!  

She had this wicked sense of humor, loved to play games, and was adventuresome.  She used to ride on my uncle's motorcycle with him.  My sister's and I used to purpose to aggravate her because she was so funny when she was spitting mad. Linda, Laura and I stayed with her for the better part of a month in 1977, I think it was.  We played games one right after the other for hours every day.  While playing Yahtzee we teased and bugged her mercilessly.  We had her so flustered that she picked up her freshly poured glass of milk and began shaking it as if it were the cup of dice. 

Once when Gram was in her upper 70's my sisters and I teased her about dating, telling her she needed to get herself a boyfriend.  She said she was a one man woman.  She was right.  Even though my Grandfather had been gone decades her last words were "I want my Clyde."  Oh Gram!  I love and miss you! See you again at some point   J.

Time Tested Traditions

Women have been gathering to fellowship over hand work for generations. Whether it was quilting, knitting, or any other creative venture there was usually some sort of warm drink, a cookie, laughter and supportive friendship involved. This night was no different. Women of all ages gathered to share in the love of being industrious and creative, and of having time to simply be together.

Gifts from God

Twice in the last couple of weeks it’s happened…one of my guys has texted about something random and have ended with “I love you Jeanne” or “I love you so much Mom.” Tears rise to my throat, right there at my desk. It just means so much to me! “I LOVE YOU TOO!!!” my heart screams.

Joel: I can’t tell you how thankful I am that God brought you into our lives! You have come to be just like our own son to us. From the first moment we saw you, our lives and hearts were changed. You were so serious, and shy back then…but your deep faith, sweetness, and unswerving integrity were obvious. The way you have opened up and accepted us is beyond beautiful to me. Your hard work in the navy, and long-suffering patience during your unemployment, and the way you now work a job that some would consider to be tedious with gratitude and a smile, is inspiring. The way you love, protect, and enjoy Becca is adorable, and precious. Your laugh, and cavernous dimples make me smile. Your quiet strength, maturity, and wisdom speaks to your relationship with God. Your really tight hugs make me truly feel loved. You are precious to me! I love you Joel! I love you so very much!

Peter: I know you don’t like the mushies, but I need you to know how proud I am of the man that you are. You are a hard worker, a great husband, and I can’t wait to see the kind of sweet father you will be to our little Eva Lynn in just a few short weeks. I am so thankful that God gave you to me. You have made my life full, poignant, interesting, but mostly meaningful. Your big brown eyes, and mischievous smirk, the way you tease, your Grandpa Hisey laugh, the way you sit next to me in our chair with your arm around me snuggling…the reverse of the way it used to be, your interest in learning about any and everything…cause me to love you even more. I cherish ever single moment I’ve had the privilege of being your Mom and having you in my life. I love you so much too, my son, I love you too!

My heart overflows with gratitude for the kids that God has given us. I love you all very much!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Thousand Tongues

O for a thousand Tongues to sing
My great Redeemer's praise,
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of his grace!

My Gracious Master and my God,
Assist me to proclaim,
To spread through all the earth abroad
The honors of thy name.

Jesus! The name that charms our fears,
That bids our sorrows cease;
Tis music in the sinner's ears,
Tis life, and health and peace.

He breaks the power of canceled sin,
He sets the prisoner free;
His blood can make the foulest clean;
His blood availed for me.

He speaks, and listening to his voice,
New life the dead receive;
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice,
The humble poor believe

Hear him, ye deaf; His praise, ye dumb,
Your loosened tongues emplo9y;
Ye blind, behold your Savior come,
And leap, ye lame, for joy.

In Christ, your head, you then shall know,
Shall feel your sins forgiven;
Anticipate your heaven below,
And own that love is heaven.

Longing for a thousand tongues........to use for singing praise to the God who has redeemed me from my sin, and of his glories, and the triumphs of his grace.........I don't often enough, use the one I have. J.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weddings, Lavender, and Random Moments

That was a dry spell! No blog posts! Busy, Busy! And frankly I just haven't been inspired. I think to myself...I should blog about that, or I take pictures thinking I will post them...but alas...I haven't. This will serve as a highlights reel...to get caught up.

In late July our dear friend Dawn married Bill at the baseball field in Port Angeles, where they met. He coached her daughter Dove in softball. It was a gorgeous day, and the bleachers were packed.

His players lined the 3rd base line with bats held high as Bear(newly home from Afghanistan) walked his mother down the "aisle."

After the ceremony Bill & Dawn walked the bases:

Welcome Home Bear!!! We love you!

After the wedding we HAD to stop at the Lavender farm on our way out of Sequim. It's just what we do every chance we get. Hannah loves to "shoot" there. At one point she said... "Quit taking pictures of me!" I responded "You take pictures of what you want to take pictures of, and let me take pictures of what I want to take pictures of!"

This is what SHE was shooting:

Here's what I was shooting:

"Hannie Get your Gun":

I LOVE the look on her face in this one...as if to say...enough already!

I may not be able to capture a buzzing bee, or get just the right negative space, but I can take amazing pictures of my beautiful girl! How is it possible to love someone so much?