Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid-Afternoon Laugh

Laughter…doesn’t just seeing the word make you want to smile?

This afternoon we had a good laugh. Just to set the stage you need to know two things: the Pharmacy is on an incredibly busy street and we have a dreadfully steep driveway. Darlene, one of our delivery drivers, was loading up the van with boxes when her fully loaded cart got away from her and took off at a break-neck pace headed down the driveway toward the street with Darlene hot on its tail, elbows and heels flying. By all accounts the cart flew by the window! Then Darlene flew by the window! Laurel was screaming “OH NO!! OH NO!! OH NO!!” Seconds later the cart entered the roadway, tipped over and dumped the contents of the boxes(hundreds of newly filled cards of medications)all over the road. The cars amidst screeches, fishtailed and stopped just in the nick of time. Several rushed to pick up the mess.

Thankfully no harm no foul. Emergency averted, we all nearly fell on the floor laughing. Hilarious! I love a great mid-afternoon laugh! J.

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