Friday, April 23, 2010


Dreaming has never really been an important part of my life. In fact I’ve always resisted dreaming as it was discouraged in my family growing up. I think reality was always looming and my parents didn’t want us to be disappointed. I have since been thinking quite a bit about it and wishing I had done more of it. I tend to be so reality driven that I don’t know how to think outside the box, or think beyond the known. I can eat the same sandwich or lunch every day for months on end before I tire of it. It’s comfortable and expected. I don’t really need too much variety. I don’t consider myself to be creative and I think this may very well be the source of why, I haven’t dreamed enough. Knitting and sewing from a pattern yes, but creating the pattern definitely not. Cooking from a recipe, yes totally, but choosing the right ingredients to put together to make a fabulous dish, not so much.

The same is true with goals, I’ve never spent much time setting goals for myself. I did so for my children, I could see the benefit of that but I never have really focused on this much for myself.

Recently I set a goal of making my daughter-in-law a maternity sweater. The project was fairly ambitious, for me, and I was really excited about it. As I got into the project and hit a section that required more attention I laid it down because I wasn’t in a position to focus acutely at the time, and I haven’t picked it back up again and that was a month or more ago. It makes me so sad.

I want to dream about all the things of interest and imagine all that God’s potential for us might be. I want to know the joy of setting goals, working toward, and accomplishing them.

I’m going to finish the sweater! Then onto the next goal! J.

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  1. I think goals are a good thing, sometimes its just hard to push through and accomplish them. :) I'm excited to see your finished sweater! You'll have to post pictures when you finish it. :)