Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Amazing Sight!!!

I’m knee deep sluncking around in month end mud. My brain feels fried. I’m about 450 pages in and have 200 to go of reviewing every prescription for every patient in our 7 nursing homes. It represents hundreds of thousands of dollars…and it all needs to be billed correctly.

On a happier note…I saw the first picture of our grandchild today! He/She has a beautiful spine which was clearly visible, and tiny little head, arm, leg and belly. The joy was indescribable! The potential for all that this little one will become, the future laughs, and cries, accomplishments and booboos…it makes me sigh with hope and excitement!! The dr. says baby is looking good…sometime in mid November.

Update on the sweater…I have all but finished the back but I am stuck and haven’t had time to sit with it in silence and figure it out. But major progress…I WILL finish it and sooner rather than later. J.


  1. Interesting that your while your first grandchild is being perfectly knitted together in Daphne's womb, you're busy knitting together a sweater for him/her. :) Keep knitting, my friend, and remember, November is 7 months away!

  2. Oh how I wish you were here so we could sit and figure out the knitting instructions together. I may yet type them out in an email and ask your opinion about what they are meaning. But I want to sit with it in a quiet moment and read it and hopefully it will become clear. The sweater is actually for I do want to finish it fairly soon. I will! :) Love you my friend! J.