Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One of my co-workers just came into my office and said: “So and so and I were just talking and you are the nicest person who works here. You and H. are both the sweetest. He said that the best word for you is pure.” I didn’t know what to say except. “That is very sweet of you to say.” My office-mate said… “Who said that about you? How come no one ever says that about me?” I said “Well, not all of our co-workers would say that about me. It depends on the interactions that have gone on.” It is uplifting to hear that someone thinks you are nice! It truly does feel good. Christ-like is my goal – I’m a work in progress. J.

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  1. Just let me add that not only do the the folks you work with (at least some of them...) think you're nice, we do, too. :) I can just imagine the look on your face -- that is, your smile.

    Yes, Christ-like is the goal! Why does it seem so far away at times? Sigh.

    The fact is that those around us (children and co-workers alike!) tend to reflect the tone we set. We truly can (and do) influence those around us simply by being a light pointing them to Christ.