Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here I sit at my desk putting off the inevitable. I need to dive into the worst two piles of nasty loose ends that are in desperate need of tying up. The beautiful weather outside is distracting me by calling my name.

My wonderful husband came and met us for lunch…this delight has me longing for more time which is not meant to be. I will have to wait to spend an evening with him until tomorrow. It’s just been far too long. We have been stealing 45 minutes here…an hour there, which makes it bearable. I shouldn’t complain, he could be half way around the world, I still have the ability to reach my foot over and touch his leg during the night and for that I’m truly grateful. I just miss him when there are meetings every evening back to back to back to back…

Enough! To the piles! J.

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