Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Correctness at the Cost of Grace

The offense an adult ignorantly causes while making a grammatical error in speech, is far outdone by the superior rudeness of another adult correcting her.

It was painful to watch as the offender’s face reddened with embarrassment and shame. Shrinking, and eventually bowing out of the conversation, she slunk away with her tail between her legs obviously wishing she could slip into invisibility at will. My heart broke for her. Where the word “and” is placed in a sentence has no eternal value…yet the crushed spirit of that poor woman does.

Obviously the corrector was well versed in grammar and not so much in courtesy. While of course it is important to teach our children correct grammar, a case could be made that it is more important to teach our children how to bless others with our gracious words. J.

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