Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random thoughts

Just some random thoughts: Today was productive at work. A serious dent was created in the piles of things to do on my desk! That felt really good. My parents are finally feeling better, not 100% by any means, but they are over the worst of it. It was scary. Timothy had another meeting this evening which meant I was alone with the kitty.

An update: This evening I finally folded the laundry. I know it is about time right? The previously mentioned dishes were washed by someone else. I still haven’t gotten to the knitting. The church dinner was a raving success by all accounts(I couldn’t go because my parents were sick and needed me. The dinner was hosted by the Deacons. All the other Deacons decided last minute they couldn’t be there, but Timothy with the help of a faithful team of Bismore’s and friends who had his back, put on a great dinner and variety show.) I still have a couple of emails I need to return.

Now it’s time for bed! J.

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