Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Quickie

Last night we went to a movie with our friend Peggy.  We got a late start because both Timothy and I worked late.  Sadly we had to sit in the 3rd row...with all the teenagers.  There were about 15 or so of them all there together and they talked loudly throughout the previews.  Once the movie started they continued.  So I said VERY loudly  BE QUIET!  They whispered for a while and got louder and louder.  There was one know the one...flirting with all the boys, talking like she could've been an 80's valley girl:  "No WAY!  Like really?  SO funny!"  puke!  Finally I leaned over Peggy and Shushed her very loudly and said:  "We are trying to watch the movie!"  And she said in this rude tone:  "We know!"  I said:  "So shut up!"  Finally Timothy(and several others) went out to get an usher.  As they were being made to leave the girl was glaring.  I couldn't help myself and I said:  "Next time...shut up when you're told to!"  And she just looked at me like 'how dare you tattle on us!'  I started out we have gotten SO old...and was left thinking NO!  Darn it!  This isn't a case of us being grumpy old folk..this was teenagers behaving selfishly.  I wish I could speak to their parents!  Crazy!  J.


  1. Good for you!! I picked on some texting, chatter-box teens during a performance of the Messiah in December. It's hard to believe the rudeness of some people -- I sure hope I was never that bad. :)

    Oh, and by the way, I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award; stop on by my blog to see what it's all about and to pick up your award!

    Love you!! ~L

    Blessings, ~Lisa

  2. Love it Jeanne! I wish I could've been there to see you tell her all those things. :) I'm glad the ushers actually DID something about it! Thats pretty awesome! :)

  3. Once there was a girl three rows in front of me on her cell texting the entire movie. Two people asked her to stop and she would and then start back up again. I beaned her in the head with a Jr. Mint and yelled "put the F'ing thing away or get out" so she stopped. Good for you Jeanne!