Monday, February 6, 2012

30. Wear a real flower lei in Hawaii

We have booked our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii - We will be going to Kauai for 10 days in August!  We are SO excited.  Dreaming, planning, and anticipating!  LOVE IT! 

We hope to see this:


And this:

And we want to try this:

And this:

Even though we know it will probably look like this:

Our plan is to drive something like this:

And go on a trip on one of these:

And dress like this:

 Even though we know it may end up looking more like this:

Mostly we want to do a LOT of this:


And this:

 Even though we know it will really look a LOT more like this(Thankfully!):

We are thrilled, and can't wait to see, learn, and experience new and exciting well as cross a few things off my list!  Is it August yet?!? J.

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  1. Well done! That was really funny! I'm so excited for you two!