Thursday, February 16, 2012

Multnomah Falls 01/27/12

Timothy, Hannah and I took a trip to Multnomah Falls a few weeks ago. 

Hannah took most of these pics with my $20 Goodwill point and click. It doesn't zoom anymore,
but it's not too bad I'd say...especially for $20.

It was a beautiful day, but when we were there the sun had not yet come over the hill, so it was chilly,
In fact icy on the trail...We nearly fell a number of times.

This is a pic from the foot bridge looking down the 2nd half of the falls:

We walked the trail that goes to the top of the falls:

You can't really tell exactly how steep it is from these pictures.

But let me assure you it was STEEP!  We had to stop and suck air
take some pictures of the view several times.

Hannah encouraged us with
"No matter how slow we go we are still lapping everyone on the couch!"
(I couldn't find who said that...but they were smart!)
One of the young twenty-something couples who had passed us many switchbacks before
Met us on the crest and patted me on the back and said
"You made it!"  I whooped and hollared "That's right!  We made it! Whoo Hoo!"
The crest of the falls:

This picture gives a better perspective of the elevation at the top: 620 feet.
That is the parking lot, and viewing point where we took the first pictures.

The thrill of making it to the top!
Of pushing through the desire to give up and turn around
Was glorious!
My heart was pounding so fast and hard!
I felt really alive!

It was an exhilirating hike, but so fun with 2 of my favorite people in the world!

I love you Timothy and Hannah!   J.


  1. You really captured the experience in this post, Jeanne. Your description, the pictures (wow!!), and the smiles on your faces. I felt like I was right there with you - sack lunch in one hand, water bottle in the other. Sore quads for everyone! haha Love you guys!

  2. :) This is one place that Joel and I want to go. Looks beautiful and sounds like you had a great time! :)