Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Promise

Every February it starts...my longing for Spring.  This winter has been so mild, so little rain by comparison to most years...yet it's still the same.  I watch for and grab onto little glimpses of the promise of spring. 

The other day, while out for a lunch time walk I found this little gem of a promise:

And then one Sunday after lunch with our family I saw this beauty poking it's lovely face out from behind the bush:

It makes my heart sing!  It truly brings me joy!  It reminds me that YES spring is coming....and sooner rather than later! 

Yesterday it was a gorgeously sunny day...which I was enjoying from my office window.  An adorable, thoughtful, loving man walked in with these cheerful faces in hand:

And this Card to accompany them:

And the inside of the card looks like this:

And it says:  "Despite our little differences, we are meant for each other."

And he wrote:
"Jeanne - I thought the yellow would brighten your month end :) 
The Card?  Well, it reminded me of us and made me smile. 
I SO love you!  Timothy"

Timothy - The lovely yellow flowers do indeed brighten my month end!  I love them!  But more than that YOU brighten my life!  Thank you for loving me so much!  I SO love you too!  J.

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  1. Sooo sweet!! We're seeing the promises of spring here in Dole Valley, even though we're weeks behind due to our elevation. Can't wait!

    PS: Isn't it the coolest thing when you find a card that is so perfect?

    Love you guys,

    Lisa :)