Saturday, February 11, 2012

Driver's License Pics or Mugshots?!?

Timothy and I renewed our driver's licenses yesterday afternoon. 
Mine expired in December
(yes I've driven with an expired license a few times...can you say procrastination?)

Timothy's looks pretty good I think...all things considered:

Mine however...well it is the worst license pic I have EVER had! 
Hannah says it looks like a mugshot...I think she's right!
Check it out:

They make you take your glasses off, and the guy was behind this big monitor and machine. 
I couldn't see or hear I wasn't prepared for the flash.  Too funny!
Oh well...I can get it changed in 10 years.   J.


  1. Is it every 10 years they make you get a new picture? I've had to get a new picture everytime. Well it could be a worse picture, but it is sad you're not smiling. ;) Oh, and how did you do the cool swirlys with the words? That is awesome. :D

    1. I don't actually know how often it is you have to change pictures...I just know I've had the same one for years and years...because I've been renewing online. I smiled in the first one, but evidently there was too much glare on my glasses so he made me take them off, and then I couldn't hear him so I wasn't ready. Oh well! :)

  2. Bec - also I forgot to say - I used a tool in Photobucket called Distort to make the swirls. Worked perfectly! :)

  3. it doesnt look that bad lol love d

  4. J - I'll have to show you mine the next time I see you... my latest license photo is the worst one I've ever had, but I'm too cheap to pay for a retake. :) ~L