Thursday, January 26, 2012

Using vs Saving

I've been thinking a lot about stuff lately.  I'm in a purging mood.  One of the things I've noticed about myself is that I tend to save things to use on special the "good" towels that we received as a wedding gift that sat in the cupboard and eventually were given away because I never used them, or the pretty yellow candle, or the little bit of china we got as wedding gifts.  In the end I find I never get to using these special items because the time is never "special" enough.  The other day I saw the pretty yellow candle sitting on my dresser and thought...dang that has got to be 4 years old and it is still in it's plastic wrap.  What am I thinking!?!  What good is this candle if I never light it?!? So I took it out and used it.  Lighting that candle on my dresser has brought me many smiles...something about seeing that flame flashing back and forth makes me happy. From now on I am going to use my stuff now rather than saving things for that ethereal special moment.  Stuff is meant to be used.  I'm special enough to use the good towels, our wedding china, the pretty yellow candle and everything else that I have.  If not...then I shouldn't have it.  J.


  1. Amen! I'm in a purging kind of mood too. I have way too much stuff that I "might" need. PURGE BABY!

  2. Purging. Have you thought of going through your yarn stash? hahaha!

    Burn those candles! Use that china! Enjoy the blessings you've been given, dear friend!

    Thanks for the fabulous weekend, dear friend. Hope Daphne is able to use some of that yarn you took home.

    Love you guys,

    Lisa :)