Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun News!

Our dear friend and fellow blogger Lisa over at Happy in Dole Valley awarded our little blog with the Versatile Blogger Award!  Whoo Hoo!  Thank you Lisa!!!  We are so honored. 

There are 3 rules to be followed:
1: Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post!
2: Share seven random things about yourself.
3: Nominate 5 other bloggers and let them know about it.

7 Random things about us:
1:  We love a good laugh...even at our own expense. 
2:  We like to have sunset picnics at the beach...even during the winter...wrapped in coats and blankets.
3:  We email/text/call each other back and forth many times throughout the day.
4:  It's true what they say...opposites attract.  We are absolute opposites in many ways.  He likes rare meat, I like mine well done.  He is a packrat, I am a purger.  I like a steaming hot shower, he likes his to be barely warm etc. 
5:  We like bright colors...our livingroom has one wall that is bright orange, and our bedroom is painted a very cheerful "macaroni and cheese" yellow.
6:  We would rather keep our broken down "snuggle lounger"(a 2 person recliner) than to replace it with two chairs.  We haven't found another like it.  We don't want to sit apart.  As a result we still have our beat up, scratched up, stained, no longer reclining, screwed together chair.  We spend many evenings curled up in it...his arm around me while I sleep with my cheek on his chest. 
7:  We have a family party every Sunday evening.  We have yummy dinner, dessert, and family.  It's our favorite time of the week.

We would like to bestow this prestigious award to the following bloggers:
Amy over at: Cheese Curds in Fargo
Laura over at: laura living aloud
Becca over at: Just Us
Peggy over at:  The Rambling of this Bear
Anna over at:  Laurel in Oblivion
We thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs!  You are funny, thought provoking and creative!  Keep up the great work!

Thank you again Lisa!  This has been fun!  J.

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