Thursday, March 8, 2012

03/08/12 - Real Time

Timothy and I are laying in bed...he's reading and I am writing this post.  Mattie and Dini(Peter and Daphne's cat - Houdini) are sitting on the dresser and window sill communing.  I can hear the baby just getting out of her tubby.  The t.v. is on downstairs...and I think every room has someone in it.  :) 

Every family, or life has a rhythm.  A beat that everything moves to like a dance.  About once every 10 days or so, we have taken to stopping at a local restaurant for happy hour in the bar.  Tonight we went to Bob's Burger & Brew.  We shared the chicken Quesidillas, and  Bob's Bonanza Burger.  Mostly we just needed some US time.  Sometimes life gets in the way and just sitting hand in hand, slouched down in the booth, drinking ice water and soda while we talk about our day, and other things like the great deal at the Sears Optical dept, and or paying the Electric just necessary.  We need it like we need air to breathe.  It was funny the waitress commented on how we matched...turns out we both put on orange shirts today, and didn't notice until she mentioned it.  HA!  This often happens to us, we are on the same wave length, at least where it comes to clothes. 

For us the beat becomes much more dramatic, loud, and driving at month end/beginning of the month.  My job requires a LOT more hours at this time.  So for about 8 days I work very long hours.  The 2nd week is our recovery week, where the tension eases, the fog lifts, and we can physically feel our lungs fill with new air.  We catch up on everything that took a back seat during that press of busyness.  We sleep more...thus we are in bed by 7:30, we make appointments, we pay bills, we straighten up the bedroom, etc.  Then life as normal resumes.  We are good for another 2 1/2 weeks until it begins again.  If I were being honest, I long for this cycle to end.  I look forward to a time when our rhythm is different, but for now it is what it is.  And again if I were being honest I find the slower pace of the middle of the month a little hard to tolerate.  The pressure does something to me, it drives me.  This isn't really good long term, but in short bursts it can be exhilarating.'s coming up on 8:00 so I guess I better finish my evening routine and then it's off to catch up on sleep!  J.

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