Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Hold

Currently in my 27th minute of being on hold with DSHS, I decided I would pop in and write a short note.  At least they have good classical hold music. 

Let me first say I have not come down off of the "I finished the sweater" mountain top yet.  I have begun knitting my little Eva a sweater...It's going to be SO cute.  :)  I'm enjoying every single stitch, all the while praying for our sweet little girl.  In fact tears well up just talking about it here.  :)  I can't explain the joy and excited anticipation I feel! 

31 minutes.

Hannah and I(more she than me) put together the cutest invitations for the Baby Shower for Daphne.  I will take a picture of them and post it in a few days.

Speaking of posting pictures.  I have some of the most adorable pictures to post from our church Family Camp.  As well as a couple of others.  Also in a few days.

33 minutes

Our refrigerator has gone on the fritz!  The new one will arrive on Friday.  In the meantime we are living from cooler to cooler.  What a hassle, but such are the things of life.  :)

35 minutes

So I'm calling DSHS to find out how to read their new Remittance Advices - the explanation of what claims they have paid, denied, or adjusted.  Honestly I should have done this sooner...but simultaneous to switching everything around they also had budget cutbacks and they cut the # of days and hours in the day that their help desk was open.  Right after the switch, you simply couldn't get through.  Now it is just a really long wait.  Down to brass tacks...I NEED the information so I must wait on hold for now 37 1/2 minutes. 

Ring!  Yeah! Questions asked, no answer.  She is going to check with the "lead" but she isn't hopeful that she will be able to get the answer for me.  46 minutes and back on hold.  Bottom line:  She said that it is going to be 12 to 15 months until I can get the information I need in a clear and easy way.  sigh!  Until then I must go through the 1060 page document(weekly) to find the claims that have sales tax and pick out this info individually. hour wasted.  Double sigh!  Back to work.  :)  J.

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