Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Weekend - In Brief

I have 5 minutes so here is our weekend in brief:

Beautiful connective time with my precious Husband.
Wonderful time with true friends - friendship that celebrates, laughs, encourages, enjoys, relaxes, cries, eats,  talks, supports, understands, and lasts together! 
Hiking on the treacherous paths and cliffs Lava Canyon at Mt. St. Helens.
Knitting on the "labor of love" sweater(more about this in another post.)
5 mile walk in the woods.
Eating delicious homemade food...and lot's of chocolate.
Playing games, watching YouTube videos, and hanging out.

Bottom Line:  One of those perfect weekends!  Thank You Seiferts!  We love you!

Stay tuned - a more detailed account is coming!  J.

1 comment:

  1. The labor of love sweater huh? Is that the one for Daphne? :)