Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mattie - My Loverboy

This is how we sleep almost every night...excuse the very poor quality there was barely any light in the room, and I took the picture with my phone which meant I had to lighten it...still it's cute:


  1. Awwww, he's SO cute! I want one! :D We were seriously considering getting one of those kitties this year, but with such a tiny apartment the smell of the litterbox spreads quickly, so we decided we just can't right now. :( I miss having a pet so much, it feels so wrong to not have something running around at my feet! Thanks for sharing the sweet pic!

    p.s. This is meant in a totally good way, but Jeff saw your picture and said "She looks so much like Peter there!!" ;D I guess Peter just looks more like his pretty mama than we thought!

  2. I agree with Jeff (and Christina...). :) But what I came here to say was EEEWWW!!!Kitty in bed? EEEWWW...

    Love you, my friend!


  3. It's not a great picture of me for sure...and I do think Peter has my eyes and maybe shape of face...sorry Pete! :)
    L - I know! I've never wanted a cat to sleep with us before. AT ALL. But this little guy has just stolen my heart. I'm blinded by his adorable, precious, affectionate, needyness. I love having him snuggled up with me, purring, and rubbing his face on mine. :) Crazy I know!

  4. Next to pictures of babies and the funny things toddlers do, this photo is the cuuutest! What a sweet kitty.. and a pretty kitty mama! :)