Monday, February 21, 2011

Dribbles of This and That

The kids went out with some friends to celebrate Peter's birthday on the 4th.  So we got to babysit again.  *said in a very sing-songy excited voice*  Sweet joy!

Here she is sleeping under the blanket that Great Grandma Bismore crocheted for her.  Someday she will realize how special this is!

I had to zoom in to see what was on the's her binkie.

Last weekend's plan to overhaul our bedroom was preempted by Hannah's being very sick with a high fever for two days.  Flexibility is our middle instead of the super productive weekend we had in mind, it turned into a snugglefest on the couch with the sicko and watch movies weekend.  Did you hear the gears changing?!?

This happened.  We accomplished SO much!  One of our goals for 2011 is to get organized.  Our household is crammed with people and stuff.  We love the people, but want/need to tame the stuff.  We started in our bedroom.  We have a need for storage space, and for it to be utilized well.  Check out our new closet set up!
 SO much better!
We also added some under the bed bins.

We added a few things in the's all about maximizing the small space we have.
Timothy gave me the mirror for my birthday.

And having my precious kitty means having a litter box.  He's a bit of an over scratcher and so he has been dumping cups of litter out on the carpet.  This was our solution(scuse the poop):
Instead of spending nearly $20 for a hooded litter box, we bought a Sterilite bin at Target for $7.99 and cut a hole in the end.  The lid makes it easy as pie(pun intended) to scoop the poops, and there is more room inside then the average hooded box.  GENIUS if you ask me!  ;)

We also got to spend some great time with our girl.  This is a terrible picture but I include it because it shows how she holds her hands under her chin in this ADORABLE way when she's getting her diaper changed!  Too cute!

Her face is changing and she's already growing up!!!  She's very drooly right now.

She LOVES her Auntie Hannah and the feeling is clearly mutual!!!:

We also celebrated Timothy's birthday which is Tuesday.  I was holding Eva so I didn't take many pictures, but I did take the following picture of the beautiful cake Hannah made for him:

I joined Groupon.  I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but it's my new favorite thing.  Groupon has daily featured deals.  It costs nothing to join, and you have access to great deals on everything from movie tickets, to cupcakes, to trips.  I got Timothy's birthday present there...two tickets to a 5-6 hour Whale Watching expedition.  50% off...2 tickets for less than $100.  Great deal!  I also purchased 4 tickets to the Museum of Glass which usually run $12 each, I paid $6.  Timothy and I were just talking about going this summer.  It's fun, and if you are choosy about what you purchase you can really get some good deals.   Here is the link to Groupon. Check it out!  See if you don't enjoy it as much as I do!?!  :)  J.

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  1. Love Groupon! LOVE that little Eva! Her hands under her chin is adorable!