Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Leak

We have a leak inside one of our walls...we aren't sure how bad it is...but we have bubbling in the drywall, and black mold...BLACK MOLD...that seems pretty bad.  

This is how pathetic we are...we have to get things ready for the landlord to come in and check it out.  We need to replace the...I think it is called weather stripping?!? on the stairs door where Hannah's cat Lilian has ruined it with scratching.  This wouldn't be a problem if Timothy or Hannah would reliably put soft paws(claw covers) on her(sorry guys...but you know it's true! I love you! Smooches!)  We had to straighten up the garage because there wasn't even a path to get through to the garage door(Joe has evidently added a bunch of stuff to the already packed...and not so organized pile of crap enormously important stuff that we are holding onto and storing down there in the dungeon garage.  And there is always the dumping ground mess that Hannah calls her room...there is NO WAY we are letting the landlord in to see that!!!  

The thought of what it will take to fix it freaks me out a bit...the leak is somewhere between the third and second floors, and it goes all the way to the basement.  It is hidden behind a bookcase...thus we didn't notice it until it had clearly been there a while.  Ah well....such is life.  

On an up note...the garage is cleaner than it has been for a while, and what a great opportunity to purge!

Note to self...just like one should always wear clean underwear just in case you have a bad accident and have to be taken to the should try to live as orderly as possible so that should you spring a leak and landlords and repairmen need to enter, one is ready.  ;)  J.


  1. Too funny! Well written! Bummer deal though! Hope the fix is not too painful!

  2. All the way down. Bummer if you need help call me