Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For days now I’ve struggled to blog…about anything. I’ve written the following blog at least a half dozen times:

“I’ve lost the ability to write freely…my creative juices were sapped by drive-by criticism and I don’t know how to get it back. I haven’t written much to speak of since. It’s not like what I write is earth shattering, or even of interest to anyone but myself. But now writing on our blog just makes me want to cry. I’m self-conscious and over think every word. Until it can be fun again…until the freedom comes back, I won’t.”

And every time I typed it out I realized that I couldn’t post it.
A. How wallowy can you get?!?
B. I knew in my heart that I would move past the roadblock at some point.

But it remains the criticism hurt. Blogging was an outlet for me, something fun, and an enjoyable way to share the things going on in our lives. I’m not a writer. I wrote from my heart and tried to be as honest as I could be.

So…I’ve worked through my feelings, I received the criticism, processed it, and moved on.


Disclaimer: Read our blog at your own risk! Understand that reading our blog is a choice. If you aren’t interested, or you can’t stand our writing style, feel free to not read it. There are a million other blogs to choose from. We love our blog…our way. We don’t intend to change it…no offense.

We love you all…just as you are! J.


  1. you're a keeper! dont change your blog, i <3 it

  2. GO Jeanne GO! :D Jeff and I especially liked your little disclaimer, haha!

    It is hard sometimes. Having a blog is great, but sometimes it seems like readers forget that THEY came to the page to read it, it didn't come to them. Everything is usually opinion-based, and we are all entitled to our own opinions, especially when we post them on our own blogs! If someone doesn't like something, they don't have to read it or make a comment. People are silly. :) Love you!


  3. Yes your back. Keep on being yourself. Love u

  4. I love that I not only get to keep in touch with you, but that I also get to know a little bit more about you through your lovely little blog. :) Looking forward to our visit!