Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 Years of Hannah

How it can possibly be that my baby was born 20 years ago today...I just don't know. Time truly does seem to fly when you are having fun! She's been my greatest joy, and my most challenging dilemma. Everything about her is a contradiction. The day we brought her home from the hospital she resisted being laid out in your hands she wanted to be upright on your shoulder, yet even now she likes to climb onto her Daddy's lap and snuggle. Her strong-willed, opinionated, determination though nerve-wracking has turned out to be one of her greatest strengths. Timothy used to say she is the best of both worlds...she likes to dress up frilly, and also loves climbing trees. She loves having her hair done, but likes to play in mud, and is a huge fan of bugs and snakes. Wrestling is one of her favorite things to do, as is painting her nails. The best of both worlds.

She is lovely, creative and thoughtful, knows what she wants, but is flexible(sometimes). She likes a good plan, yet can be spontaneous...when it includes pajamas. Her facination with her own eyeballs, naming everything...including her cell phone, and knowing the words to nearly every song from every decade, make her quirky and likeable. Hugging an elderly woman, helping recalibrate their remote, or fawn over their pie endears her to them. I've never met anyone like her, that infectious smile, mischievious look, those piercing blue eyes...she's unique in temperment, attitude, interests, and style.

Whether she calls herself Han, Betsy, or purpleplatapus, she will always be one of many names to me...Little One, Little Lady, Little Lizzie, Sissy, Sweet Girl, Han, Sis, Baby, or just plain old Hannah.

No matter whether we are lovingly affectionate, or furious with one another...we are connected at the heart. Regardless of age we still hold hands, snuggle, and kiss.

Tears rise in my throat when I think about how precious, how special and terrific she is. I am SO thankful that God gave her to me. I cannot imagine what the last 20 years would've been without her.

Happy Birthday Hannah! I love you Baby! Mom XOXOXO

8 days old - the day she was baptized.

Christmas eve - 1990

Her "Emo" phase

Uncle "Dot"

Leavenworth - 2009

July 11, 2010

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  1. Happy 20th Hannah!! :oD I love those pictures, both Hannah and Peter were such cute little kids! Please tell Hannah from both Jeff and I to have a wonderful 20th birthday, and a great year! :o)