Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At Arm's Length

You've all seen people doing it, and have likely either done it yourself, or have been a participant while someone else has done it...what am I talking about? Holding a camera at arm's length and taking a picture, either of yourself, or yourself and someone else. Hannah calls this a "My Space shot." Whatever it is called, perfecting this method was one of my goals for this past weekend. The results were everything from terrible to adorable but mostly hilarious. And can I just say...Timothy was getting pretty sick of me by the end of the weekend...you will see why:

Badly off center and WAY too close:

Still off center, but cute:

Much better:

Off Center - but she's adorable! I love her freckles:

Still off center -

Not a perfectly centered picture, but I love it! He is SO cute!:

On the ferry headed to have dinner with Dawn & Bill
It's SO hard to get the right angle:

That's better!

I was getting seasick and was trying to distract myself by taking multiple shots...poor Timothy...look at his expression in this one(which by the way is the wrong angle and too close):

What a good sport he was!

I had to try one of these...not too bad:

Long glorious day:
Lake Samish, Ferry ride to Kingston, dinner with friends...we're pooped at sunset:

This one is really funny!:

While I am still learning...sometimes I get a really great one like this:

So Happy Together!

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