Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner, Plays, & Videotapes

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing The King and I put on by Lyric Light Opera. Our adopted son Jon is the stage manager and graphic designer. It was up in Mt. Vernon.

Before the play we stopped at a local burger joint called “The Chuck Wagon.” As the name implies this is a old Western themed restaurant. The food is so so, but we had fun. They have a gumball dispenser that actually dispensed stick on mustaches and beards. We each donned some facial hair and were being silly. Playing through the speakers was the Beatles. Timothy and I sang along to one song. Hannah took a VIDEO…which she has since posted on Facebook. Though I feel exposed(I try to protect my reputation by not allowing my silly side to be widely viewed), I have decided to laugh and embrace it even though I would like to DIE of embarrassment. I hope you can laugh WITH us not AT us…ok either is fine. Enjoy!


  1. if you don't put the pic of me and dad in the car on fb i'm going to cry... just FYI i want it to me by profile pic at some point.

  2. I did post one of you and dad in the there a different one you were looking for?

  3. you posted it on fb? i can't find it. i fail.