Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Appropriate Blogging Standards?!?

In the blogosphere...well MY little blog anyway...what is appropriate to talk about? I mean there is a line somewhere that would be stepped over if I would talk about...fill in the blank topic...right?!? Part of me wants to say: "This is MY blog I will talk about whatever I want regardless of outside expectations and standards!" While this may be true, to a degree...what about inside expectations and appropriateness standards, I'm talking about MY line? Of course there are some things that I wouldn't blog about for a plethora of reasons: It's offensive to some, it's too embarrassing, it is private and not for general consumption etc.
The blog I have swirling in my head probably fits in each of those categories. "There are some topics that just aren't seemly to discuss in an open forum" ...says my grown up, well conscienced self. This is countered by the other side which says... "This is a topic that some women might relate to, and quite frankly it's funny."
My blog is not intended to be educational...though it could happen. I'm not striving to be serious, yet from time to time it is. It is not my goal to push the envelope with regard to socially acceptable topics, but I might now and then.
What topics should be off limits in a woman of character's blog? Is it ok, for instance, to tell a true 1st hand story about a "wardrobe malfunction"? Is it ok to talk about female situations like menopause, cycles, or breasts...matter of factly discussing that we have them...I mean the issues, and here is what is going on with that? What about other socially awkward topics like bad breath, or gas?
It has become increasingly easier for me to open up and share from my heart...frankly, and honestly. But when does it become over-sharing?
So what do YOU think...where is the line? What are your standards for your blog, and what topics are off limit for you?


  1. Standards I am going by what do I want to read about me. I will at some point get to some issues that I would question and want input but I have not totally gotten there yet. I am not one to post a name of someone I work with(the riders on the bus).

    So Happy blogging.

    I also have found and you know it is easier for me to write than talk. If we cannot learn ftrom others how do we learn? Be open be honest be you. Love ya

  2. Everyone is oh-so-different. Some of us are more, shall we say, open? And some of us (shall we say, me) are more private. Personally, and since you asked, I'm not ever going to be one to open up to, or talk to, much more than a small circle of close friends about touchy, personal, or what I would consider to be private topics or issues.

    My blog is more of a commentary on our family and what is important to us rather than functioning as my own personal journal. What I post about includes a wide variety of whatever is important to me - primarily what's happening in the lovely (and happy!) Dole Valley, and that includes what's going on with my kids, our family, what we're making, baking, growing, reading, learning, thinking, celebrating, etc. There is more, but you get the jist (and you've read my blog, so you already know all this...). :)

    So, to answer your question, "Where is the line?" I'd have to say that the line is different for all of us. What I'm comfortable with the world knowing is going to be different from what you are comfortable with. I'd go with the comment above: What do I want people to read about me? And finally, does it glorify God?

    We all might have differing ideas about what is blog-worthy, but surely, if we think about it, not every topic is appropriate for public consumption. :) That said, please don't hold it against me if I don't comment (we can talk next time we get together!).

    Love you, my friend! ~L