Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 words

A few months ago my boss came into my office to discuss something…I can’t even remember the details of the situation. At the end of the conversation he said 2 small words that had a great big affect on me. He said “Good work!” Hearing those words spoke deeply into my heart.

Since, I have used them myself as often as I can. I don’t know that it affects the other person as it did me that day, but I don’t even care. Each time I hear them come out of my mouth I am reminded of when they were spoken to me.

Today I had the privilege of saying them to Hannah as she successfully recalibrated the folding machine. It’s very touchy and she fixed it to fold perfectly! I’m proud of her…not just for fixing the machine, but for the lovely young woman she has become. Her creativity, kindness, beauty, and humor are just the beginning of the woman that God has created her to be. I love you my Little One! J.

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