Saturday, March 27, 2010


Spontaneity is such a great thing! Timothy and I didn’t have a specific plan for last evening. He had to spend part of the day in Seattle, and the other part in Bellingham(90 miles N), as a result he wasn’t exactly sure when he would be able to pick me up from work. The beauty of no plan is that when opportunity arises we are able to go with it. We decided last minute to rush over to the theatre and catch a movie. Then at just the moment we were walking out of the theatre I received a call from Peter. He wanted to schedule a time for us to come over and hang out…can I just say…this is a wonderful thing to have your kids invite you over. As we talked, it seems they were at the Everett mall shopping and we were on our way to get a bite to eat. They joined us and we had a lovely time teasing, laughing, talking etc. Blessing upon blessing! All made possible because we didn’t have a scheduled plan. J.

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