Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new job, a new office, new work mates

A new job, a new office, new work mates, and a fresh start. I have never worked for a “Non-Profit” before. This one brought in $60 mil last year. It’s all the same as any corporate environment, I am sure but, there is a sense of purpose to everyone’s work. There is not a sense of earning money but, a sense of purpose. Everything is focused on earning the money to run the other programs. Everything is focused on saving money to run the helpful programs. I had no idea that Goodwill ran so many programs: The job training programs for folks with challenges to securing a job, the ESL classes, The Counseling and financial aid… so many things. I like it so far. Everyone is so nice and willing to help. The first week has gone well. So many things to learn, it’s a new adventure. I already have overtime scheduled for next week. If you get a chance, look at the Seattle Goodwill web site. The on line auction is kind of cool. T.

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