Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Middle Years

Along with the aches and pains, the gray hair, the wrinkles and age spots, and the never ending struggle with weight, there are wonderful joys involved in being middle aged. Much more comfortable with ourselves, not nearly as self-conscious, we can even embrace the pleasant eye wrinkles which were made by all the smiles, and concerns over the years. During the middle years you are still young enough to do whatever comes your way, and your palette is much more seasoned, and developed, which helps you appreciate things just a little bit more. While we take our cholesterol medication, and truly effort to eat better, we have found the balance between that and enjoying a great big piece of cheese cake.

The greatest thing so far about middle age has been the joy of watching our children grow up and become fully functioning adults, with all the bumps, and bruises that come with it. Enjoying the marriage of our son to his beloved Daphne, and now the expectation of our first grandchild, sweet, precious joy! Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of us drinking it all in, savoring it, and thanking God for every bit of it. J.

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