Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Lifting Fog

For more than 2 decades Timothy and I have spent our time constantly, blessedly with our children. We have thoroughly enjoyed raising our children…reading to them, playing games, tucking them into bed. Those days are gone. Our children have grown up and need us considerably less, and in much different ways. Timothy and I have found ourselves alone quite often lately. We love each other’s company so this isn’t a hardship, though it is definitely an adjustment.
Moments at the beach watching the sunset, sitting in our chair together watching a movie, dinner out in Seattle, working on household chores, even at the Aqua Fit class at the gym, it is enjoyable to be in each other’s company. I’m making it sound like we haven’t spent any time alone together over the years, of course we have, but this is a new and different thing. The page is beginning to turn and we can feel it. Not that I am rushing to have our house empty…I’m not. I love having Hannah and Esther at home with us, but I am preparing my heart for the nearing eventuality of it just being the two of us. I have for years been praying and thinking about what God’s plan for me, for us would be when the inevitable would come. The answers are not completely clear, but just like when the fog laying heavily over the valley begins to lift, the picture of what it will be when we are just two again is beginning to come into focus. This is a sweet, important time. J.

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