Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days

It has snowed for how many days....let's see...6 days now. The first few days it was a couple of inches all toled, and then Wednesday we had a full on weather event, and it hasn't stopped snowing since. 

It's easy to forget even what day of the week it is when something like an extended snow is going on.

It snowed so much that we've had two snow days off from work...and we are not sure about tomorrow.

Last Fall, Timothy and Hannah trained for and joined the City of Everett's CERT(Community Emergency Response Team.)  This means that when anything like a major earthquake, or snow storm happens they are mobilized to help assess and take care of any problems in their designated area.  They are the only two for our neighborhood of Lowell.  This means that when this snow storm hit Timothy had to make an assessment of our neighborhood and report back to the city's Emergency center.  So we got up early and walked the entire neighborhood, tracking how much snowfall we had, looking for fallen trees, wires down, isolated sections of the neighborhood, anyone in need of help etc.  What fun it was to take this morning walk in the beautiful snow!

Then in the afternoon the real fun began! We tubed our hill!

Esther and Daphne liked to go down backward...well not really, but they did it a lot! Esther's first jump onto the tube was one for the books...she bounced right off and face planted into the snow.  SO funny!

Hannah went every which way, belly, back, sitting, flipping etc.

Peter mostly stood at the bottom of our section of the hill watching for cars and tackling I mean catching us so that we didn't go too far.  OUCH!

But he did take a few trips down the hill.

Peter's friend Andy is the flying leap kind...he literally flew down that hill!

Timothy made the funniest looks when he was going down the hill.

It was such fun!  It's been years and years since I went tubing...It was absolutely invigorating! 

The weather man says that it is going to transition to warmer rain tomorrow, but while it was here we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  J.


  1. Fun!! I was telling Joel we need to invest in some intertubes/sleds for next year so we're prepared for any snow! :) Love it!

  2. How fun is that?! Wish we could've joined you. :)