Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grand Canyon - Day 1

We picked up our rental car first thing in the morning on Wednesday and headed off to the Grand Canyon.  One of the things I love the most about our marriage is that we truly just love being together.  We talked about important things, and about nothing.  We rode in silence, and listened to Satellite radio some.  Mostly we were just at ease, riding along enjoying just being together.  The terrain between Vegas and the Grand Canyon is desert.  There is a lot of nothing...tumbleweed, cactus, and a lot of open space with mesas and rugged mountains in the distance.

Our travel agent scheduled us to stay at the Grand Canyon Plaza Resort.  May I say...DON'T EVER GO THERE!  The room was a standard was dark and the very small window looked out onto the pool area.  The major offenses were the fact that the toilet leaned heavily to the you had to practically hold onto something while doing your business because gravity wanted to pull you off.  The other thing and this was major was that the bedding was horrid.  The sheets were literally see through they were so threadbare.  There was a fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and a very thin down comforter that literally didn't go over either edge of the bed.  There was no bedspread...they used another threadbare flat sheet as a bedspread.  Timothy had difficulty figuring out the very odd heater in the room and at 34 degrees outside we were freezing.  Thankfully there was another bed in the room which we robbed of it's bedding to make it through the night.  The continental breakfast was inedible so we opted for drive-through McDonalds as the options were few way out there.  Thankfully we were only there one night...and we weren't there for the hotel...the main attraction...The Grand Canyon:

 I took SO many wonderful pictures...the grandeur of it is beyond, and each part of the canyon is so different and unique!  It's as if you could see God's fingerprints all over it.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do:
We walked miles and miles on the South Rim. 
Some girls from Australia told us that they had seen some sheep down a ways from where we were so we headed over there in search of the sheep.  I went to the edge and Timothy was saying...don't go any further...just as I saw him...we would call it a Ram...but they call it a big horned sheep.  It bolted when he saw me.  Check out the cool Pics:

 Such fun!

On our way back to the hotel we saw Roosevelt Elk(the pictures are horrible I had the camera set wrong...but you can get the idea.)

And a gorgeous sunset:

A day for the record books! We sucked the life out of every single moment!

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