Friday, March 23, 2012

Same Words...Different Vehicle

I've been chewing on something since Sunday and I think I'm ready to put "pen to paper" er uh "fingers to keys." 

During an adult Sunday School class, we were discussing how Jesus got up early and went to a quiet place to pray.  He started his day with fresh perspective and "directions" from his Father. 

I was sharing how I struggle with prioritizing my daily quiet time.  Now I don't for a second believe that I'm the only long time Christian who doesn't put other things ahead of prayer and Bible study to the point that it sometimes...sometimes often...doesn't get done at all.  I check my email, read my book, watch t.v, work, check Facebook, almost anything...but sadly there have been long stretches where I don't "get around to" an organized quiet time.   I do read my Bible, and I do pray..but not as often as I need to. 

Since we were discussing it I shared how I have come up with a help for myself.  The website Bible Gateway has a cool feature.  If you go to the "newsletters" link you can sign up to receive direct to your email inbox "read through the Bible in a year" passages.  Each day you receive your passage.  You can also sign up for daily devotionals, if you like those.  These are by people such as Spurgeon or Sproul.  I have found that if I have it sent to my email then in the morning I just open up my email and there it is for me to read.  As I was sharing this, there was one group of people, sitting across the room who scoffed judgmentally and belittled this idea...I'm assuming because they prefer to hold the old book in their hands.   Maybe they felt that I was too lazy to open up the book.  Honestly I was hurt by how they acted over it.  I was just sharing something I had found that helped me

In hindsight, after much thought, I have come to realize that I believe it is a matter of accepting change.  For those people, the Scriptures manifest themselves in a book format.  And that has been true for me my whole life.  In fact as I type my beloved, personal Bible is in the shop being rebound...I've worn it out(thank you Peggy for having it done for me!)  But if you really think about it the Scriptures were originally recorded on scrolls.  We don't use those now do we?  It's just like the "pen to paper" phrase as opposed to "fingers to keys"  though we still write with pens and pencils, most of our writing is done on a computer now.  The same is true of our finances.  We receive all but 1 or 2 of our bills in email, as well as our bank statement.  Nearly everyone in our family has their own Kindle(someone has 2...H.)  We read more now than ever before.  It's just electronically...not out of a standard book.  Same words...different vehicle.  This is how I feel about receiving the Scriptures in my email.  It's the same words...different vehicle.  

For those of you who might disagree...I truly do understand the love of holding a book in your hands.  I still enjoy that myself.  But in my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading the Scriptures in email, on a Kindle, or on the internet.  Same words...whether it's a scroll, a book, or an email. 

Side note...I've determined that I will keep up with technology.  I don't want to be one of those old ladies who doesn't know how to do whatever the latest thing is, as a result I miss out on whatever will replace Skyping 40 years from now.   Not everything is good...but if it helps me get to a place where I am more organized, and I read the Scriptures more steadily then I'm all for it. 

Another side note...Lord that I would encourage and lift others up when they are honest and vulnerable.  Disparagement hurts.  J.


  1. I am with you, Jeanne. An additional thought...

    Those scrolls you mentioned. Think about it. Exactly who had access to them? Where were they kept? Who was it that was reading the scrolls?

    It wasn't the women. And let me add that no one had a scroll in their own home (let alone multiple copies collecting dust on shelves...). No one was picking up a bible are doing a personal daily devotion until years after Gutenberg's invention.

    The fact is that nowhere in scripture are we commanded to have a daily quiet time -- so I quit beating myself up over not doing so. Does this mean I don't pray? That I don't memorize scripture? That I don't read and study and ponder and meditate on God's Word? No.

    Like you wrote in your post, our Lord did take time to pray. We are certainly called to imitate our Lord who was full of grace and mercy and patience. I think you hit the nail on the head, my friend, in that people have a hard time with change.

    Praise God for the widespread access we have to the scriptures. Praise God for technology that sends me devotionals in my inbox each morning. And praise God for those who pick up their Bibles -- in whatever form -- for therein are the words of life.

    Love you & miss you,

    L :)

  2. Wow, sad that in a spiritual community you can't be supported when being different. Sounds like they were not practicing christian like behavior or common courtesy. That's rude! Glad you are moving through it.

    If you want, we could go and egg their houses in the middle of the night. Just kidding!

    Love you!