Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Day Together - 03/10/12

We had the pleasure of spending most of Saturday with Eva!

Yes that IS hair!  Daphne puts it up in these twin ponytails:

And I don't know if you can pick it out...but do you see the one lone curl at her neckline? 
Can't you just see the potential?  And this picture really picks up the red tones she got from her Mama!

We had a project at church, but we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast.  She fed herself banana:

Then she shared her banana with Grandpa:

She pushed the stroller around the fellowship hall for literally hours.
But we had lots of fun with the barrel:

Playing peek a boo was TOO much fun:

The best part of the day was just feeling the depth and importance of our relationship with her.
She is precious beyond words. 
And when she spontaneously offered an adoring Grandpa an unsolicited kiss...
there were aww's and tears:

Crazy love with this girl!  What a privilege to be her Grandparents.  We love you Little Missy!  J.


  1. That is just too precious (by that, I mean ALL of it!). :)

    Do you remember how AnnaLynn's hair was when she was that little? She had the same little pig tails. Oh, how I miss that stage...

    Love, L

    1. Her hair is that same light airy fairy hair that Anna had. So fun to think about! J.