Saturday, October 2, 2010


Following what was quite possibly the worst day at work I may have had since I took this particular job, and 10 minutes late, as a result of everyone's lack of cooperation, I entered Grandma Bea's house for Needle & Craft night to see Esther, and then Daphne, and just at that moment my friend Barb yelled "SURPRISE!  It's a surprise Grandma shower!!!"  I scanned the room in disbelief.  Totally caught unaware, stunned and confused..."Really?!?" I burst into shocked and amazed tears of joy!  There was a cake that said "Grandma Jeanne!" It was one of those slow motion foggy moments where it takes time for things to become clear and for understanding to descend upon you.  Sobs, exclamations, and more sobs.  Overwhelmed doesn't quite cover it.  Moved beyond words, I literally cried for 1/2 an hour.  

The gifts were amazing:  books, diapers, wipes, a sun shade, a hand made sock monkey, baby food bowls, bibs that had sayings on them like "Grandma's girl" or "Grandma let's me," adorable outfits, an apron for Eva to wear as we bake together in a few years, baby booties, adorable outfits etc.  Each gift came with a card that had the most welcoming, precious words.  It was as if I was being initiated into the club...the Grandma club.  

Surrounded by such love, and just means so much to me.  Most of the women in attendance I've known my entire life.  They've watched me grow up, and in turn I've watched them grow older.  They are my friends, my dear sweet friends.  I love them deeply, and am so thankful for having them in my life.  They inspire and encourage me. 


Such joy!  Such friendship! Such love!  Thank you Lord!  J.

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