Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catch up Weekend!

It's been a push of a week, well actually month, well now that I think about it...we've been pushing all summer.  It's now October, and things are going to quiet down...right?  I'm hoping so. 

Today is going to be catch up day.  I thought I was going to work...but there is a problem logging in from home...and I am NOT going down to work if I can help it.  This means I am going to run through the weekend trying to accomplish everything I am behind on.  Good plan!

A:  Finally post all the blogs I've been working on!
B:  Finish the thank you notes for the Surprise be blogged about soon
C:  Have prints made for a # of pictures
D:  Laundry
E:  Update and organize our schedules
F:  Pay bills
G:  Organize and purge our closet
H:  Plan meals for the next two weeks
I:   Make Pumpkin Ring
J:   Finish Sweater
K:  Clean the carpet
L:  Sweep the front porch
M:  Welcome my new kitty
N:  and a million other things that will come to me as the weekend unfolds. 

Have a great weekend!  J.

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