Friday, February 12, 2010

My friend Yellow

There were scoffers(namely my beloved Father) when I painted our bedroom a warm, vibrant, sunshiny yellow. As I lay here in bed on a dreary, gray sick day my spirits are lifted by the cheerfulness of my beautiful yellow bedroom. It is made even more wonderful by the opening bouquet of daffodils my thoughtful husband brought to me yesterday(Thanks Honey!) Their smiling faces are saying “Feel Better! Cheer up!” Yellow has gotten a bad reputation being associated with cowards and so forth, but to me yellow is my hero! J.


  1. Yellow IS a lovely color, so uplifting! :) When Jeff and I shared rent and a home with his Uncle, our bedroom was a creamy light yellow, and it was always so calming to me; I'd love to paint our room that color someday when we have our own house. Daffodils too huh? I'm jealous! ;) Hope you feel better soon, being sick is not fun. :(

  2. What a sweet guy that Timothy is - daffodils. :) Sorry you're sick! Get better and come visit!