Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chaos - His Name is Jacob

Every evening he, Jacob, Timothy’s cat, wants to sleep in our bedroom. At some point in the night he evidently gets bored so begins climbing all over the dresser. In the process he spills the stack of mail on the floor. He goes from there into the closet and knocks everything off the shelf. When done in the closet he leaps from the dresser usually right into the middle of Jeanne. Next he proceeds to walk up our bodies to the window sill and then steps(every time!) directly onto Jeanne’s sore shoulder. He does this thing where he walks right up to you and puts his butt, tail up, right in your face. Timothy feels he is very smart for two reasons: 1: He lets you know he wants out of the bedroom by trying to turn the doorknob. The problem is that when you get up to let him out he won’t go. He runs into the bathroom and wants you to put water in the tub so he can have a drink. 2: Jacob LOVES to play. We have this feather boa on a string attached to a stick. Timothy flings it around in a fly-fishing fashion and Jacob leaps into the air doing acrobatics. When he is done he will take his toy back and put it away. Though excessively loving(translates to needy and attention starved), even while he is curled up cuddling in the crook of your arm he randomly, out of the blue, chomps hard on your bicep…he continues the bite and just tightens and loosens until you literally have to remove his mouth from your arm. Timothy’s “little buddy” though chaotic, keeps things interesting around here that’s for sure. T&J

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