Saturday, February 27, 2010

How I sometime spend my weekend

Fishnet Theater is a ministry I belong to. Sure, it’s acting and all that but, it is a ministry. This will be my third season with Fishnet. I started out in a play called “The Shofar.” It takes place at the time of Christ at the temple in Jerusalem. The main character is a young priest whose job is to blow the Shofar at the time of sacrifice. The opening scene has four close friends joking around when all of a sudden a man claiming to have been healed of leprosy burst in to the temple to be declared clean. Seems some guy named Jesus healed him. The story never shows Jesus, just the effect he has on the friendships in the play. The controversy Jesus creates in their lives. I got the distinct pleasure of playing Annas. I get to plot against this Jesus. Sad, but playing a bad guy was easy! In the second season I played Malchus. The temple guard and one of the four friends. Jesus heals my ear after Peter cuts it off. I am profoundly affected by this event.

The play has a salvation message. After 2 seasons and some 80 performances many came to Christ through this one play. During the run of the Shofar not a single performance went by without someone coming forward to accept Christ. Some performances had 5 or more, truly a ministry.

This season I am directing the play, “Conquest of the Pirate Ship Reclaim.” It’s a comedy with a salvation message. Mumsy, a lady pirate, and her sons are set up to be the scapegoats for an evil pirate. Along the way the bumbling trio learns about the love of God from their hostages. It has a real life message wrapped in a light hearted comedy.

The set is amazing (see the picture) and very heavy. A cast and crew of 25 volunteers pull it out of a trailer; assemble the set, lights, sound, and all. The performance happens; the stuff is all broken down and reloaded for the next show. It’s a ton of work but, so rewarding.

I really love doing this stuff. I have always like theater but, here is theater with a purpose I can get behind. If you get a chance check out the web site: This Sunday we will be in Ocean Shores.

So this is how the weekend often gets taken up.

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