Saturday, April 9, 2011

Late Night Thinking

It's in the late night hours(which I don't normally see awake) I find myself thinking.  I lay here in bed, Timothy quietly snoring next to me, the cat on the window sill, frog noises coming in the open window.  I'm too tired to do anything such as read, or knit.  So I lay...thinking.  My cat has come across and is now laying on my chest...purring loudly.  He evidently needs a he has begun taking one right here on top of me(yes LS. it is a little gross...I have to admit!  :).  Tears have risen to my throat for the third or fourth time tonight.  I'm not unhappy, upset, or even sad...just emotional.  When I take a good long look at my life I feel so thankful.  I'm thankful for my beloved husband...everything from the way my hand fits in the way he gets that funny look on his face.  Thankful for all the happy, peaceful, contented times...and the bumps in the road too.  I'm thankful for the kids...the two that came from my body, and all the others that jumped into our hearts.  I'm thankful for my parents...I love you Mom and Dad!  Happy 75th Birthday Mama!  I love the feeling of your face against mine as we hug!  It stayed with me all day!  I hope you know what you mean to me! 
I'm thankful...just plain thankful...and it makes me emotional.  J.

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