Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eva - More Interactive

My sweet Eva has become much more interactive.  I love the way she looks at people:
Here she's playing with her Daddy:
I love to see Peter with her.  He's a good Daddy:
Her favorite Daddy trick is Airplane...she enjoys flying high:

She LOVES her Auntie Hannah:
Check out this video:

We had the privilege of babysitting last night!  So much fun!
Her eyes sparkle when she is talking to her Grandpa:

Her skin is so soft and feels so good against mine:
 She was sound asleep until Timothy sneezed and she woke up screaming in fright.
Looking sleepy here but how cute is her bib?  "Grandma's biggest joy"  So true, so true:

Finally out:

Snuggled in together cherishing each precious moment, breathing in her scent, so grateful!

Even Mattie had to get in on the baby love:
What an incredible time this is.  
We are paying attention, and tucking every look, every sound away to be taken out later.. 
I thought I would throw in a bonus video because I can't get over how cute she is.  Enjoy  J.:


  1. She is so adorable, I am so jealous you guys have such a cutie at hand all the time! ;D I am glad you are able to spend lots of time with miss Eva, she looks to be quite a little delight and joy.

    We have been thinking of and praying for Peter (and all the rest of you), and hoping he is not in discomfort.