Monday, October 3, 2011

#40 - Dance Like No One is Watching

My sweet Eva, Grandpa, and Grandma had a little dance party on Sunday afternoon.  Grandpa had 80's music playing on Pandora and when David Bowie's "Let's Dance" came on...Grandpa held Eva and the 3 of us Danced Like No One was Watching.  We raised the roof, and spun in circles, and did what I like to call the "air accordian"(imagine it for a moment...pretty funny looking!), we pretend boxed, and air guitared.  All throughout the 4 1/2 minutes of it we were exclusively in our own little worlds.  Eva laughed and laughed...giggles that melted this Grandma's heart.  She sang along making similar sorts of tones, and shook her little balled up fists in the air in front of her and above her head.  Mesmerized by her preciousness, and the mutual love and affection we all have for one another...never once did I think about the things that usually consume my thoughts when I'm dancing...self-consciousness...because of my lack of rhythm, the parts of my body that jiggle or bounce, the waggling of my arm dangle.  Every moment with laser beam focus on that adorable person.  And when the song ended we all fell onto the chair, sweating, laughing, and feeling it...that indescribable feeling of satisfaction, gratefulness, and pure happiness.  J.

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  1. This is beautiful and has inspired me to make a list of my own. :) Thank you!