Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Impulsive Decisions

Last week I went to the my hair stylist to get a hot oil treatment.  The appointment had been scheduled for 6 weeks, but on the day, I decided to get my hair cut instead.  Impulsively I had her cut it all off.  I don't regret having done it.  If I were being completely honest I would say that I may have gone a little too far...but that said I like it a lot.  Timothy really, REALLY likes it...and that makes me very happy.  

P.S.  Look at that girl's smile!  Too cute!


  1. You are one sassy mama! I love the new style! It brightens up your whole face! Suuuper cute! And those baby smiles make me smile. :)

  2. J - It looks like Eva likes her grandma's new style. :) You know, I've had a three short cuts throughout the years: When the Dorothy Hamil was in style, when my hair was breaking off after a bad perm (summer before 11th grade), and after I had AnnaLynn. It is freeing to make a change! You look lovely, my friend! ~L

  3. Thanks!!! It is fun to try something very different. It's really easy for me to be in a rut and never step outside my comfort zone. :)
    I love you Amy and Lisa!